Boron Capable Cutters does not endorse any one tool manufacturer.  Please make sure you demo any tool you are interested in purchasing.   The information below is meant as a starting point, not a decision maker.

Gensis Rescue System clearly has the largest selection of “Boron Capable” cutters. Hurst and Amkus each have one cutter that is cable. I can personally speak for the Hurst MOC II is a cutter cable of cutting through boron. My department recently trained with local departments and Ford Motor Company. The MOC II picked up when other cutters had difficulty cutting Boron and other High Strength Steel. Research cutters before you purchase, many dealers will offer demos, so take advantage of any that are available. If a dealer will not let you test cutters on Boron or do not have independent testing done, I would be very cautious. Below is a list of cutters that the manufacturer states can cut Boron.

Just as important as the tool company that makes your cutters is the dealer that services the tools. Most departments will have tools see use for decades so the relationship and service level of the dealer is important.

Champion Rescue Tools


  • C231 Cutter Cutting Force 231,000 lbs./1030 kN
  • C270 Cutter Cutting Force 157,000 lbs./699 kN
  • C165 Cutter Cutting Force 144,000lbs. /642 kN
  • 16c “Brute” Combi-Tool Cutting Force 112,000 lbs. /498 kN

AMKUS Rescue Systems

  • AMK-22 Cutter Cutting Force 200,807 lbs.(893.2 kN)


  • 4055 NCT Cutter Max. Cutting Force 228,855 lbs / 1018 kN
  • 4050NCT Cutter Max. Cutting Force 208,000 lbs / 927 kN


5000 psi Sytem:

  • MOC Ultra Cutting Force 195,126 lbs.
  • MOC II Cutting Force 152,870 lbs.

10,500 psi System:

  • Hurst HP S511 236,000 psi.
  • Hurst HP S510 169,000 psi.
  • Hurst HP S530 166,000 psi.

TNT Rescue

  • TNT Rescue BFC-320 320,000 lbs
  • TNT Rescue SLC-29 Max cutting force 269,000 lbs
  • TNT Rescue SLC-27 Max cutting force 118,800 lbs

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  1. You should really include TNT Rescue Systems. They kinda started it all when it came to cutting boron.