Extrication Challenges of Advanced Steel

Firehouse has section on their website and magazine called University of extrication with most articles written by Ron Moore. Ron wrote a 5 part series on the Extrication Challenges of Advanced Steel In Vehicles:

The 5 parts are in pdf format (download the Download Adobe Reader if you do not have it) and print them off. The New Rescue Techniques in Part 5 are a departure from the traditional extrication methods and are definitely outside-of-the-box thinking. Look at the “Pie Cut”, “Lifting the B-Pillar”, “Spreading the B-Pillar”, “Ramming the Roof Off”, and “Total Sunroof ” extrication methods. While these methods were preformed on a car to simulate one with boron and UHSS you should think about trying it to. How many times do we drill or practice extrication the same way over and over. Add one of these methods, maybe all of them to your mental tool box because when you have a MVA with entrapment on a late model vehicle loaded with UHSS is a little too late to think about how!

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