2010 Ford Fusion and Milan Hybrids Battery Location

High Voltage (HV) Battery

The 2010 Fusion/Milan Hybrids have a 275-volt nickel-metal hydride HV battery, compared to the 330-volt battery on the first generation hybrids, but the battery is optimized so it produces 20% more power. Improved chemistry allows the battery to be run at a higher temperature, so it can be cooled using only cabin air. The Escape/Mariner hybrids require an outside vent located in the driver side quarter window and a dedicated rear air conditioning system to cool the battery.

The HV battery is mounted vertically behind the rear seat. Dropping the rear seat forward to access the front of the battery, and the service disconnect, requires accessing the back of the battery from the trunk. There are two backrest latch release levers located under the package shelf, one for the right seat back and one for the left. Slide the latch release lever toward the outboard side of the vehicle to drop the seat forward . The service disconnect is the familiar slide, pull, and remove type.

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