Volvo XC90 BIW Boron and UHSS

The XC90’s body structure as shown in the image below. High strength steels (Dual Phase, HSLA and el Rephos) make up the majority of the front end and rear structure. The front rails are hydroformed. Of the 13 parts that make up the roof and side structures, seven are Dual Phase 600, with Boron and el Rephos making up the remainder of that structure. The B-Pillar outer was designed in Boron steel to reduce weight and because of its formability for this type of part. The B-Roof bow and the rear seat frame are also made of Boron.

I know must firefighters are familiar with Volvo use of Boron and UHSS. I just liked the brake down of the parts in the image above. Understanding what the parts we cut up look like is very important to understanding each parts role in the safety cage of a vehicle.

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