What is a Body in White (BIW)?

Today I want to focus on a little terminolgy. First off, BIW stands for Body in White . All activities in the production of a Vehicle Body or Shell before it goes to the Paint shop are done in a weld shop and the end product of a Weld shop is referred to as BIW. Two kinds of BIW Structures :

  • Monocoque : In this type of structure, all the members of the body are load carrying and they are integrated with each other. Here chassis is inbuilt with the BIW itself and there is no separate chassis. Wheels are directly mounted to the BIW with the help of suspension system. Used in all the passenger cars and to some extent in utility vehicles.
  • Body on frame : In this type of body construction, the body is placed on frame which is the major load carrying member. Body is mounted on a separate chassis/frame and the wheels are mounted on the chassis and not to the body. Used in utility vehicles, trucks, buses.

Automakers like Ford Motor Company and General Motors offer for sale Body In White (BIW) kits like the 2010 Camaro pictured above.

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