2010 Ford Fusion Side Impact Protection

With the Ford Fusion one of the best selling cars in the US. Here are a few things to think about the Fusion’s side-protection elements.

  • Two energy absorbing foam blocks between the inner door panels and interior trim, aligned with the occupants’ chest and hip.
  • Side-intrusion beams inside the door, anchored at the hinge and latch areas.
  • Tailor-welded steel in the B-pillar structure with extra thickness–nearly a quarter inch of solid steel–above the beltline.
  • Seat-deployed thorax air bags for front occupants and side-curtain air bags for head protection in both rows.

Notice the extra thickness of the B-pillar? A quarter inch of solid steel above the beltline. Ford states that from below the beltline upward you will run into the additional steel. Store that nugget away in your mental toolbox.

Your cut needs to be below the red line. The picture is the shoulder belt from the front passenger perspective. The picture belows displays the outside location of the beltline.

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