Boron Updates and Ron Moore’s Presentation

I am working on adding/ updating a page that will list all the automakers and provide links to all the vehicle information currently available on this site. You can access information by automaker right now by using the labels on the left vertical menu bar.

Another post will cover some of the highlights from Ron Moore’s Overcoming Extrication Challenges with Advanced Steel Structures. If you missed, register for the presentation and you can watch it anytime you want.

Moditech Rescue Solutions BV has developed a computer program called Crash Recovery System. The Crash Recovery System has data for all mass-production vehicles with airbags in the United States and other countries. Along with airbag location data, the program is now including the locations of UHSS and Boron steel in vehicles.

The folks across the pond at ResQMed provide great training resources that can be helpful to us in the states and anywhere cars are driven. Their research and study on extrication is top notch and they provide a ton of free information on their website, check out their Collection, Sharing, and Study Program. Anyone who gives out useful free information gets a thumbs up in my book! Thanks resQmed!

One last thing, I found a very good training resource if your department is looking for some hand outs, quizzes, and structure for your next extrication drill. Check out the website of Camano Island Fire and Rescue. They have a very good document put together called Vehicle Rescue Class Training Outline.

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