AHSS Used in the Motor Trend Car of the Year – 2010 Ford Fusion

I have posted before about the 2010 Ford Fusion and how the vehicle incorporates cost-efficient lightweight steel for added protection and sleek design. With the 2010 Ford Fusion wining the Motor Trend Car of the Year award there will be an increase of the number of these vehicles on the road. So start doing your research now. Below are links to several different article that have been written to help firefighters and first responders with a MVA involving a 2010 Ford Fusion.

AHSS and UHSS Information on the 2010 Ford Fusion

DETROIT, Nov. 18, 2009 – The North American steel industry and AISI’s Steel Market Development Institute have a reason to celebrate, as the 2010 Ford Fusion
and Fusion hybrid, which feature a number of advanced high-strength steel
technologies, were selected as Motor Trend Car of the Year. The announcement was made during a ceremony at the Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Mich.

The Ford Fusion and Fusion Hybrid feature a number of advanced steel
technologies, including: a lightweight high-strength steel body structure for
added side and frontal impact protection; dual-phase high-strength steel rails;
side intrusion beams; and tailor-welded B-pillars between the front and rear
door frames, which help prevent intrusion into the passenger compartment.

“Lightweight advanced and ultra high-strength steels provide automakers with a cost-effective solution to meet new market demands for safety, fuel economy and emissions standards,” said Ron Krupitzer, vice president of automotive applications for AISI’s Steel Market Development Institute. “Ford’s use of new high-strength steels in the Fusion has resulted in a vehicle that is stylish, safe and efficient.”

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