2010 Ford Taurus Boron, UHSS, and Body Structure

Below are a couple of 2010 Ford Taurus pictures of the UHSS and Boron steel used.  The red is the UHSS and Boron.  The B-Pillar is made with Boron. My department ran on an MVA with a new 2010 Taurus and our Hurst MOC II Cutters made easy work cutting thru the B-Pillar.

Ford uses SPACE Architecture which stands for Side Protection And Cabin Enhancement What is interesting about the 2010 Taurus, is a hydroformed cross-car beam embedded in the floor between the door frames.  During a side impact crash, the beam helps divert crash forces away from the occupants. The roof is also tied into the floor beam. A strong roof crossmember and side-impact door beams work with the floor-mounted tube to further enhance side-impact protection.

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