Porsche Cayenne Construction body UHSS and Boron

The Cayenne body is a study in advanced high-strength steels. The body is primarily high-strength steel, though the outer quarter panel and rear floor pan are mild steel and the hood and door window frames are aluminum. UHSS is used on the tubular reinforcement in the rocker panels, upper A-pillar reinforcements, inner B-pillar reinforcements, door intrusion beams, a floor pan crossmember between the B-pillars, and the floor pan tunnel. The UHSS inner B-pillar reinforcements and the upper A-pillar reinforcements are transformation induced plasticity (TRIP) 700 steel. The complete lower rails and rocker panel reinforcement tubes are dual-phase (DP) 600 steel. Tailored blanks are used on the outer front and rear rails, roof rails, and the door shells to vary the strength of the steels within the same part. Porsche uses boron-alloyed steel on several vehicles, especially on the door intrusion beams, though there is none on the Cayenne.

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