2011 Mercedes-Benz CL Class Coupe (MHSS)

Most of know all the names for the new steel used in the body structures of vehicle.  Well, I’ll add one to the list, Mega high Strength Steel (MHSS).  Leave up to the safety kings of vehicle, Mercedes Benz to add this material to the list.  However, it makes sense in the 2011 MB CL Class Coupe because there are no visible B-pillars.  Mercedes Benz states that thru “Extensive use of ultra-high and high-strength steel in critical areas helps it manage both weight and impact forces. Advanced crumple zones help dissipate impact energy over, under and around the reinforced passenger cabin.”  Just because you cannot see the B-Pillar does not mean there is not one.  There is a B-Pillar that extends from the window line down to the rocker panel that looks wider than the average B-Pillar.  Also note in the image below, you can see the roof rail is made from Mega high Strength Steel (MHSS) and connected to the reinforce rod in the A-Pillar. 

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