Extraction Zones, an Extrication app for your phone!

A fellow rescuer who just so happens to live in Venezuela, Yorman J. Mari Peraza posted a link on the Boron Extrication Facebook page about an iPhone/iPod app called Extraction Zones by Adam Weiss.  The Extraction Zones app is only $.99 so it is definitely worth a try.  Unfortunately for me, I have an Android phone and this app is not available for that phone platform yet. I thought about developing an app like this, however, my schedule is just too packed for me to even start developing one.  So my hat goes off to Adam for taking the time to put a very low cost option out on the web for First Responders.  I hope he continues to develop the app and add other platforms.

Extraction Zones Adam Weiss Ford extrication iphoneiPad app itune

Extraction Zones Adam Weiss Ford extrication iphoneiPad app itune

The extrication tools used by first responders are extremely powerful and essential to saving the lives of car collision victims.

The Extraction Zones app uses patent-pending technology and provides location information for airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, electric and propulsion systems, as well as structural reinforcements for the most popular cars on the road in the United States as well as most hybrid and electric cars. View this information all at once or only view pertinent information by hiding components as needed. Extraction Zones also provides an alternative night mode for darker surroundings.

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  1. all information that helps us do our work easier and faster is welcome

  2. Hi,

    It is a beautiful app!! Congratulations!

    There is another one, with a lot of models of vehicles: http://itunes.apple.com/app/irescue/id483566831?mt=8

    It is called iRescue!