Vehicle Extrication DVD Series Set

David Dalrymple’s new three-DVD vehicle extrication series from Fire Engineering was introduced at FDIC this year.   David has his Roadway Rescuecrew filmed the majority of this DVD series in Dearborn, Michigan.  To buy the DVDs, please visit PennWell Books.  The DVDs can be bought individually or if you buy all three PennWell cuts about a a$100 off.

The 3 DVDs are each broken up into the following topics:

  1. Vehicle Extrication: Vehicle Technology/Alternative Fuel and Safety Systems, Dalrymple addresses the challenges and concerns in performing extrication on traditional and alternative fuel vehicles.
  2. Scene Management, Dalrymple addresses the overarching extrication process.
  3. Vehicle Extrication: Evolutions, Dalrymple reviews the basic evolutions that every extrication responder should be able to perform

Extrication DVD Filming in Ford Motor’s Backyard!

Below are short clips from each of the DVDs:


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