Crash That Caused Bridge Collapse

You are dispatched to a MVA with entrapment from falling concrete from a bridge that was struck during the acident.  You arrive to find what is in the pictures below.  What steps would you take and what would you do? 


The Atlanta Fire Department responded to this incident this morning.  Authorities say a 13-foot high truck was trying to clear the bridge, which is only 13 feet, 5 inches high, when the accident happened. FOX 5’s Darryl Carver reports the 10-wheel truck had a hydraulic lift attached to the back of it, and that’s what hit the bridge.

The impact caused a 25-foot section of the bridge, at least 12 inches thick, to collapse on the south side and onto the truck, trapping the driver. Firefighters say it took nearly an hour to remove the driver from the smashed truck.

Read more at Fox 5 Altlanta’s story Driver Charged in Crash That Caused Bridge Collapse

The picture below is from Georgia Fire-Rescue who has sold and delivered many of the new sets of Holmatro Tools recently to the Atlanta Fire Department.   If you don’t follow Georgia Fire-Rescue on Facebook you should.  Tons of useful information is posted by them everyday on Facebook.

Pat on the back for successful rescue of two occupants trapped in vehicles after partial bridge collapse. Holmatro rescue tools, Rescue 42 struts and more were used in the rescue operation. Atlanta will soon receive their Paratech US&R Rescue Srtut Kit that will enhance their capabilites for these type of serious incidents.

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