Moditech Extrication Training Magnet Labels

moditech rescue extrication training Magnet labels airbag

So you cannot get a late model vehicle with all the new airbags and the hidden stored gas inflators.  Not to mention all the Ultra-High Strength Steel (UHSS) used in the body structures.  No problem! Moditech has created a very simple training tool that can be used as an evolution evolves.  Magnet labels displaying safety components using the identical symbols used in the Crash Recovery System . One of the best uses of this tool would be for a safety officer to slap the magnet on that causes the extrication crew to switch to a plan B or C.  The magnet labels are a little pricey at $335 US, but I think the labels can serve as a very useful tool to transform the old junkers we get to cut up during training.  

You get all of the magnets below in your set from Moditech:

  • 2 x Battery. moditech rescue extrication training Magnet labels bag
  • 4 x Sensor.
  • 4 x Cylinder.
  • 4 x Stored gas inflator.
  • 1 x Curtain airbag left-hand side.
  • 1 x Curtain airbag right-hand side.
  • 1 x Seatbelt pretensioner.
  • 1 x Seatbelt pretensioner (mirrored).
  • 4 x Reinforcement.

 moditech rescue extrication training Magnet labels

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  1. Looks like a decent training piece to simulate the new technology.  Pretty pricey though.

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