Northern Ohio Fools Heavy Rescue 101

Like most extrication folks, I’ll never miss a chance to cut up some cars and even better yet, cut up some school buses. So I jumped in my car and drove down to the Huron County Fairgrounds in Norwalk, Ohio for the Northern Ohio Fools Heavy Rescue 101. Paul Hasenmeier invited me down and I was glad he did. The Northern Ohio Fools put together a top notch training opportunity! There were a bunch of different extrication stations that student we free to rotate thru as they wanted. Included in the stations, a garbage truck under ride, school buses, semi tractor and trailer on a vehicle, all levels of vehicle extrication with over 30 vehicles to cut up. All the major hydraulic tool companies had their local dealers there. The event was broken up into a classroom that covered New Vehicle Technology on Friday evening and then an all day hands on training on Saturday. The best part of all, it was free with just a $10 donation to the Northern Ohio Fools!

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Paul Hasenmeier and I in front a bus he set up to have a victim trapped between the top of the seat, roof of the bus, and the Jersey barrier.


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