Navistar eStar Fully Electric Truck

I’m sure everyone has seen FedEx’s where the Navistar eStar is driven through the Enchanted Forest commercial. So lets take a look at the eStar and what rescuers need to known about this vehicle. With a range of around 100 miles, expect to see the eStar in cities like San Francisco.  Navistar has an eStar First Responder Guide availible, so make sure you read through it.

Navistar ERG eStar

High Voltage Switches

High Voltage Service Key

The high voltage service key (1) is located behind the passenger seat, under a plastic cover.
Tools are required to remove this cover. This key can be turned in a counter-clockwise
direction and removed. High voltage will be active for approximately 10 minutes after the
key is removed.

High Voltage Service Key

High Voltage Safety Cut Off Button

The high voltage safety cut off button (1) is located on the left side of the driver’s seat near the window in front of the gear selector. Pushing down on the switch disconnects the drivetrain and high voltage battery.

High Voltage Safety Cut Off Button

The switch is visible from outside the driver’s side window as seen below. The driver’s side window must be broken out to access high voltage safety cut off button (1).

High Voltage Safety Cut Off Button

A few key pieces of info:

  • The power steering and cab heater are both High Voltage.
  • The 12 volt battery is located forward and slightly above the right rear (passenger side) wheel well and is accessed through a removable cover on the top of the right rear wheel housing on the inside of the vehicle.  The cover is fastened and sealed requiring tools to remove.
  • All high voltage cables are covered with orange conduit or orange tape for the length of the wire.
  • An inertia switch is located in the cab to isolate high voltage in the event of a heavy impact.
  • An isolation check in the high voltage system disconnects the battery cassette in the event of a short to ground.

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