New Tricks for Old Extrication Tools

Make sure you read the articles below from Dave Dalrymple and Leigh Hollins.  All the info is from the New Tricks for Old Extrication Tools Extrication Zone Newsletter! Sign up at Fire Engineering to get the newsletter sent straight to your inbox!

New Tricks for Old Tools
We need to reexamine our extrication tools and evolutions in light of the construction and materials used in today’s vehicles, Dave Dalrymple writes.
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Glass Management
In this vehicle extrication video, Dave Dalrymple talks about different types of glass you may encounter at a motor vehicle accident and tools and methods for removing it.
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Training Minutes
Basic, Advanced, or Heavy Vehicle Extrication?
Leigh Hollins takes a closer look at what these three terms mean in the context of vehicle extrication operations.
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The First 10 Minutes at a Motor Vehicle Collision
Dave Dalrymple discusses the numerous tasks that need to be completed in the first 10 minutes when responding to a motor vehicle collision.
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