Variable Torque Motors (VTM) Hybrid System

Did you ever think you would encounter the Flux Capacitor from the movie Back to the Future at an MVA?  Do you need to look out for 1.21 gigawatts?  Believe it or not, the Flux Capacitor was an ultra-capacitor.  Though the Variable Torque Motors (VTM) ultracapacitors aren’t made to hold the massive 1.21 gigawatts of the DeLorean in the movie.

The VTM Hybrid is designed for all types of Class 3 though 7 vehicles including shuttle buses, refuse trucks, delivery vans and school buses. The VTM Hybrid is the most affordable hybrid solution on the market. How the system works is it automatically adds torque ahead of the engine to boost acceleration and then conserving energy normally lost in the braking process. What is very interesting is the system is 500 pounds lighter than alternative hybrid systems because instead of batteries it uses ultracapacitors to store energy. Yes good old ultracapacitors!

Ultracapacitors Hybrid Extrication VTM


Variable Torque Motors ERG

Emergency shutoff switches are clearly marked and easily located (including one at the driver’s side) in case of an accident or for maintenance safety.  These switches isolate the ultra-capacitors to ensure that no power can be discharged to the vehicle and simultaneously inform emergency responders that the vehicle is a hybrid, which can change their response tactics.

Variable Torque Motors

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