Moditech Mondays: So you think Crash Recovery System is new to the fire service?

In case you thought that Moditech Rescue Solutions, makers of Crash Recovery System is new to the fire service, you would be wrong!  Crash Recovery System was launched in 2003 and never looked back!  Much has changed: new markets were developed with own vehicle databases, additional vehicle categories were added, connections to license plates were established in different countries, new vehicle technologies were implemented and the software has continually been adapted to the requirements of users.

The Crash Recovery System timeline below gives an overview of the developments of the last decade.

Moditech Mondays Vehicle Extrication CRS Crash Recovery SystemDid you also know Moditech posts valuable information via a monthly newsletter and on their Facebook page?   Follow their Facebook page, checkout all the information on their website, and try out Crash Recovery System.

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