2015 Acura TLX Body Structure

Body Structure

The 2016 Acura TLX instrument panel, shown in purple below, is made of magnesium.  The magnesium instrument panel (IP) substrates only has one tie-down to the floor pan. Also take note of the slip joint that could be useful during a dash displacement.


Small Overlap Test

Automakers are adding stronger materials into the front wheel well area.  In the image below, the “SOT” area are added material and/or stronger materials to help the vehicle get a high rating in the  small overlap IIHS crash test.

2016-Acura-TLX-body-structure-Steel 2016-Acura-TLX-body-structureRocker Design

The rocker panels are using strong materials and a bulkhead design.

Crash Test Results

The 2015 Acura TLX  model received an “Acceptable” rating in the small overlap IIHS crash test . Beginning with 2016 models, the front door hinge pillar was reinforced with the intent of improving occupant protection in small overlap frontal crashes. The change didn’t improve the performance in the small overlap test.  If fact, the rating went down to “Marginal” for the 2016 model. This is why you can have a change from year to year that is invisible to the rescuers. See for yourself in the crash test pictures below.










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