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2012 Honda Civic Hybrid Extrication Hazards

You are dispatched to an MVA with a Honda Civic and another vehicle. You ATF that the appearance of the 2012 Civic Hybrid is essentially the same as conventional Civic sedans. The only difference is the word “Hybrid” appears on the right rear of the vehicle of the Hybrid model.

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Extrication Smartphone App Update!

Do you have the latest Extrication Apps for your smartphone?? I posted almost a month ago about the Hybrid Auto Extrication Guide by Field Applications, LLC. I received an email from the founder of Field Applications, LLC Cal Blake. Cal informed me that Hybrid Extrication Guide. Version 1.1 has just been released. Want to know what was included in the updates?

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Hybrid Auto Extrication Guide by Field Applications (Another FREE app!)

I'm a huge fan of anything useful to the fire service that is provided free of charge. Well, I found annother extrication app for smartphones and the iPad. It's called the Hybrid Auto Extrication Guide by Field Applications, LLC. The guide is availible on iPhone, Android and iPad. I downloaded the guide onto my droid and I must say I'm really impressed!

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