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Spring Window Punch Extrication Tools

How many window punches have met the end of their useful life in your bunker pants pocket? How about the glass master on the rig? Does that punch on the end of the glass master still work? How many times have you set the spring on the typical window punch only to find out its broken? Sure you can break the window with just about anything, but that’s not the right way.

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I asked for a pair of Channel Locks and you brought me a pair of Vise Grips!

So did you grab the wrong tool? Well….yes and no. Vise Grips (owned by Irwin Tools) makes a Groove Joint Pliers that look and function like the Channel Lock tongue & groove pliers. Switch the question around and ask for a pair of Vise Grips and get a pair of channel locks. What if you wanted a pair of locking pliers???

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Boron Capable Cutters

BoronExtrication.com does not endorse any one tool manufacturer.  Please make sure you demo any tool you are interested in purchasing.   The information below is meant as a starting point, not a decision maker. Gensis Rescue System clearly has the largest ...

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