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Struts Galore at FDIC

Walking around the floor at FDIC I thought to myself that I must be in extrication heaven, or at least Struts Galore to say the least! Struts were everywhere at FDIC. Almost every major strut manufacturer had a booth with a car with the rubber up. Below are a few pictures from Res-Q-Jack’s and Paratech’s booth. Please post any comments about struts you like or what your department uses.

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Terc US Presents Top Gun of Vehicle Rescue

Leave it up to David Dalrymple from RoadwayRescue, LLC to post a training event that makes me want to jump in the car and drive out to New Jersey. The training event is called Terc US Presents Top Gun of Vehicle Rescue. Read the info below and visit the website for more information. Sounds like a great laidback weekend of training.

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GMC Acadia Battery Location??

Battery Location GMC Acadia

So you roll up on a MVA that involves a GMC Acadia and your officer assigns securing the 12 volt power-source. Is your gut reaction to go straight to hood? With this vehicle is better not be. Also forget looking in the rear storage area too. The battery is located in the floor pan behind the front passengerseat. There is one small screw to deal with on the battery cover underneath the 2nd row cross car floor mat, a T20 Trox (or star) screw. Since you are securing the power you may just be able to pry the plastic cover up. Check it out below.

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Do you know where the battery is?

Battery(s) Location(s) One job that needs to be completed on the scene of an extrication is securing the power source.  A simple task that even the newest probie should have no issue completing.  However, I have to ask, do you ...

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