Ford Escape Hybrid High-Volyage Service Disconnect

The Ford Escape Hybrid has a High-Voltage Shut-Off Switch that is located in the jack stowage compartment on the passenger side in the cargo area. The purpose of this switch is to disconnect the high-voltage battery in the event of a collision. As a secondary safety precaution you should locate the High-Voltage Service Disconnect Switch and turn it to “Service”. The switch is located on top of the high voltage battery on the passenger side in the cargo area under carpet. The switch is orange in color with a molded plastic handle, about 100 mm (4 inch) in diameter. Provides means to disconnect high-voltage battery for safely servicing vehicle.

  • High-Voltage Service Disconnect Switch Shown in LOCK position.
  • High-voltage system is STILL ACTIVE.
  • Remove switch and place in SERVICE/SHIPPING position to disconnect high-voltage system.

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  2. Please help to advise the brand of this product.Thanks.

  3. Please help to advise the brand and part number of this product.Thanks.