OnStar, GM will give Volt first responder training

The Detroit News has an article today about GM’s plan to offer training to first responders.  I spoke with Ron Moore last month from Firehouse.com’s University of Extrication and he told me that he recently visited the GM proving grounds to cut up a new Chevrolet Volt. Aside from all the battery and electric concerns.  He said that this vehicle has some really strong Dual Phase steel to consider also.
GM is offering training on the new Chevrolet Volt for first responders. If you are having trouble watching the video, click here.

During the past several months, Chevrolet has collaborated with first-responder representatives from national safety organizations to develop educational materials for firefighters, law enforcement, emergency medical technicians and emergency dispatchers nationwide. This will help ensure the training meets the needs and answers the questions their colleagues are likely to have about electric vehicles.


Their feedback is being incorporated into training materials that will be available on the tour and posted on a targeted Web site for departments unable to attend the training sessions. 

The training will include animation and illustrations of the Chevrolet Volt, highlighting locations of high-strength steel, cut points for extrication, first-responder labeling, automatic and manual electrical shut-off and more. 

Notice the last sentence in the quotes?  There are going to be cut points for extrication and first-responder labeling!   A true step in the right direction to help us get our patients out quickless. 

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