Nissan LEAF Emergency Response Guide (ERG)

Nissan has published an Emergency Response Guide for the 2011 Nissan LEAF for First Responders.  The is filled with 30 pages of information that is well, not firefighter friendly in my opinion.  I like to see color diagrams and lots of pictures.  However, it’s an Emergency Response Guide on a new vehicle with new technologies so I’m thankful Nissan took the time and cost to put one out.  One important procedure is the high voltage system.

Nissan recommends using the electrically operated parking brake and wheel chocks to stabilize the vehicle. There’s only one catch, you have to set the brake before you secure the 12V system.  Just to add another little step to apply the brake, you need to “firmly” apply the brake pedal then pull up on the electric parking brake switch located on the center console.  Too many steps in my book.  So if you are thinking like me and what to chock, block, and blow the tires (gently that is).  Just make you follow the proper placement of cribbing as shown below.  Nissan does not want you to crib under the battery which is basically the entire floor pan.

Nissan Leaf firefighter extrication battery hybrid Boron UHSS

LEAF Battery

Here’s a link to the first post on the Nissan LEAF before the ERG was released.  2011 Nissan Leaf  Electric Vehicle.

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