Fire & Rescue Magazine (A Free UK Magazine??)

Fire & Rescue is a magazine out of the United Kingdom published by the Hemming Group.  The magazine is published quarterly and is available for download and by free subscription with free worldwide delivery!  To subscribe, go to and feel out your information!  Your free subscription also provides unlimited access to!  You will recognize an author in the first quarter 2011 issue as none other than David Dalrymple from RoadwayRescue!  Dave writes about the different types of steels used in today’s body structure! So check it out below!  A quick note, if the wording is not clear on the flash version on the online magazine, just zoom in and the words will sharpen right up!

One thing that I really love about the Internet is how it connects the fire service all around the world!  Facebook is the main tool that many people think of when social networking is mentioned.  However there is another site, LinkedIn, which is a business-oriented social networking site that has been around since December 2002.  LinkedIn has a huge following in the fire service and is only getting bigger!  If you don’t have a LinkedIn account you really should sign up for one.  LinkedIn is a great professional networking tool with close to 100 million users.  Join the Fire & Rescue Magazine group on Linkedin and Facebook!  Well, like the Fire & Rescue Magazine page on Facebook! 

Also, if you haven’t checked out the page on Facebook, please do!

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