Where is the Service HV Disconnect on a Nissan Leaf?

Hopefully by now, no one is intimidated by electric or hybrid vehicles.  Once the High Voltage (HV) battery is disconnected all you have is a vehicle that has a really big battery in it.  However, learning how to safely disconnect the HV battery by pulling out the service disconnect plug requires one key of information, where is it?   The service disconnect plug can be located inside a console, the trunk, or even hidden under the carpet.  The Nissan Leaf’s service disconnect is located under the carpet behind the center console.

The Emergency Response Guide (ERG) for the Nissan Leaf provides step by step instructions on how to find and safely use the service plug to disconnect the HV battery.  In black and white that is.  Take a look at the ERG instructions below and see if you think you can figure it out.   A special thanks to Eric J. Rickenbach from Rescuetechs.com for the photos!

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