Weber Rescue Tips and Tricks: Ram the Roof

Here a quick step by step from Weber Rescue on how to complete a Fahrzeugsäulen reiben.  What’s a  Fahrzeugsäulen reiben?  Translated from German to Vehicle column rub.  Also known as a Ram the Roof!

Weber Rescue Extrication Tips Tricks B-pillar Ram Roof


  1. Stabilize the vehicle.  Make sure there is adequate cribbing to support the ram on the rocker panels.
  2. Remove the doors
  3. Clear the rocker panel to bare metal
  4. Position the ram with the base on the rocker panel and the piston end on the roof rail rearward of the b-pillar
  5. Extend the ram to tear the b-pillar from the roof rail.  If the b-pillar does not completely separate, reposition the ram in front of the b-pillar and extend the ram to separate the rest of the b-pillar.

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