Southern Extrication School

Extrication SchoolAre you going to the Southern Extrication School?  Better yet, have you registered?  The Darlington County Extrication Team has put together a power packed two days with some big names in the fire service.  Check them out below!  I hope to so you there, I will be!

Complete information available at Extrication Process & Southeastern Extrication School website.

Speakers and Presentations

EMS Aspects of Extrication: Fundamentals and Focus – Rommie Duckworthconnects core principles of extrication with a foundation of field trauma care. Presented in a way that everyone can understand this program delivers patient size-up, incorporation of medical considerations in the extrication approach, detection and management of life threats, basic and advanced assessment, and concerns for special patient populations.

High-Energy, High-Impact Training – Tim Sendlbach provides an overview of the skills and personal characteristics necessary to develop and deliver a HIGH-IMPACT training program for your department.  Training is considered the backbone of every progressive fire department.

Alternative Fuel Heavy Truck/Bus for First Responders – Matt Stroud discusses the knowledge necessary to properly mitigate incidents involving commercial vehicles that utilize modern hybrid and alternative fuels including: LNG, CNG, Hybrid, EV, Hydrogen fuel cells.

Instructors and Sessions

Res-Q-Jack Stabilization University – Cris Pasto presents training on all aspects of res-q-jacks, the most complete line of versatile rescue struts & jacks available today. The practical exercises will cover wheel-resting, side-resting, roof-resting, and over-ride vehicle stabilization and lifts. Exercises will also cover advanced roll-over & over-ride extrication tactics.

Down in the Ditch – Les Baker covers the topic of vehicles that come to rest in different positions in ditches of different sizes and configurations. Although this topic has received little attention over the years from the extrication community, local responders constantly find themselves facing these incidents. Instruction will cover scene assessment, set up, hazard control, and advanced techniques such as Hercules, Darlington Roll, tunneling, floorboard operations, etc.

Large Truck Tactics – Tim Rouse familiarizes the rescuers with different types, unique characteristics, and extrication techniques for dealing with large truck incidents. Students will be challenged with scenario based evolutions culminating in a mega scenario involving multiple entrapments designed to challenge even the most veteran responders.

Hand to Hand Combat – Jeff Pugh provides comprehensive training on the skills necessary to complete various tactics with minimal hand tools. Emphasis will be placed on tools such as hi-lift jacks, reciprocating saws, air chisels, etc.

Advanced Tactics – Randy Schmitz covers advanced tactics that are not used on a routine basis, but when needed are invaluable. These tactics include floor pushes, inverted patient removals, vehicle slides, tunneling, ram work, etc., all completed in a variety of scenarios. He also incorporates standard extrication best practices such as including scene safety, complex stabilization, and glass management into the training.

Man in Machine – Ed Henry discusses machine rescue calls such as a jumper impaled on a fence, a construction worker impaled on rebar, a pizza boy’s arm caught in the dough mixer, or the restaurant worker with his hand in the meat grinder. It’s technical rescue and it’s happening in every response area throughout the country. These types of calls will most likely require specialized training and equipment. This class covers NFPA 1670 – Standard for Technical Rescue, case histories, Crush Injury/Syndrome, tool and special equipment needs and rescue operations.

The registration fee for this school is $155 per person, which includes keynote presentations, one breakout session, all course materials, refreshment breaks, lunch on Sunday, Certificate of Completion, CEU Credits through Florence Darlington Technical College, a digital copy of all presentations for department and SES t-shirt. The breakout sessions are filling up fast and are filled on a first come first serve basis.


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