2012 GM Express-Savana CNG LPG Tank

The General Motors Express-Savana CNG and LPG were touched on a few early posts, Alternative Fuel Vehicles, Extrication Knowledge at Home Depot, and Ford’s E Series ROUSH CleanTech liquid propane autogas fuel system . I ran across the information below on the different tank configurations that are available the the CNG and LPG vehicles.  Take a quick look and how the tank locations are similar, but still different.

If you want to look at a complete breakdown of the whole LPG system in the GM cutaway van, head over to TECHLINK.   There is almost enough information on that site to put together a great LPG system training class.


2012 GM Express-Savana LPG Tank Extrication

2012 GM Express-Savana LPG Tanks

2012 GM Express-Savana CNG Tank Extrication

2012 GM Express-Savana CNG Tanks

LPG Tanks Safety

LPG Tanks

CNG Tanks Safety

CNG Tanks

LPG Tank Components

LPG Tank Extrication Training Safety

The image above is the front tank of 3-tank system on a LPG vehicle.

1. LPG fuel bypass loop, mounted to a T-fitting on the return port of the fuel tank
2. Connection for the fuel return line from the distribution block
3. LPG cut-off solenoid, mounted to the outlet port of the fuel tank
4. Fuel level sensor
5. Liquid propane service valve and port
6. Manual shut-off for the liquid propane service valve (handle not included)
7. Spitter valve. Used for visual verification of 80% fill
8. LPG bypass loop solenoid and valve
9. Manual shut-off valve for LPG bypass loop
10. Fuel tank fill port and behind it, inside the tank is the 80% stop fill valve
11. Fuel tank electrical wiring harness pass-through for the internal fuel pump
12. Fuel tank access cover plate, for the internal components
13. Manual shut-off valve for the fuel return line

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