2014 Opel Cascada Body Structure

The 2014 Opel Cascada body structure has some unique features.  The A-pillars are press hardened and they conceal hard rolled steel reinforcement bars that reach down below the doors.  At the rear, the rollover bars are anchored in the strongest part of the rear structure.  Normally they stay out of sight, but are activated in less time than it takes to blink, triggered by the airbag sensors, when needed.

Moditech Crash Recovery System

2014-Opel_Cascada_UHSS-boron-extrication-rollover-protectionDouble seatbelt pretensioners, deployed pyrotechnically and are specially developed to hold you safely in the optimum protective position. The seat frames and mountings also play a significant safety role, as do Opel’s well-proven active headrests. These move upwards and forwards under impact to guard against whiplash and upper body injuries. The Pedal Release System detaches the pedals under impact to guard against foot and lower leg injuries.


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