2015 Chevrolet Malibu Auxiliary Power Supply


Training opportunities are always out there and I found one in the 2015 Chevrolet Malibu. For example, pulling the bags out of a rental vehicle and something in the trunk caught me eye. Look at the picture below and notice that battery.


Auxiliary Power Supply

Employing absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology, the auxiliary battery’s purpose is to supply power to the vehicle’s electrical systems (not including the starter motor) for the brief moments when the engine is being re-started.

Aux Battery

When the air-conditioning is set to maximum power or maximum efficiency the engine shuts off less frequently–or not at all–while the cool air is blowing.  Another reason for the extra battery is the auxiliary electric hydraulic transmission pump also keeps the gearbox primed with fluid while the engine is shut off. This takes some of the load off the first battery, which Chevy says provides quicker restart times. The start-stop system also comes with a tandem-solenoid starter to help wake the engine up faster. Stay current by signing up for Vehicle Extrication from inside of the Auto Industry Training DVD.


Here’s the Malibu Start / Stop Quick Reference Sheet (English)

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