Stabilization of Hover Vehicles

With today being the date that hover cars finally hit the market.  Responders need to understand to how to properly stabilize a hover vehicle.  First off, hover cars fall into two categories, factory and converted.  Factory hover vehicles have an auto-stabilization feature that automatically cribs the vehicle when the responder uses a firefighter elevator key to turn off the vehicle.  Converted hover vehicles require responders to use traditional stabilization equipment in addition to strapping the vehicle to the ground.  Converted hover vehicles will continue “hover” until the 2volt battery is disconnected.   The NFPA and the NTSB are currently developing a first responder guide for hover vehicles that will cover all the know issues.


The auto makers have yet to bring the hover vehicles to market that were featured in Back to the Future on October 21, 2015.  But just in case they ever do, you now know how to stabilize a hover vehicle.

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