Tesla Red Light Accident

A crash in Miami Beach on Oct. 21, 2018, left three occupants of the SUV hit by a Tesla with serious injuries. Recently released surveillance video shows Tesla running red light before major crash.  The speed of the Tesla was above 100 MPH before the impact.  Miami Beach Fire Rescue crews had to extricate all three people out of the SUV which included a Lyft driver and his two customers.  This is why nobody was in the first passenger seat.







Black Box Data

Data from the Tesla’s “black box” showed the car was going 121 mph in the five seconds before the crash, and speeding up. Two seconds before impact, the car was going 128 mph. Police said the driver of the Tesla hit the brake 1.5 seconds before the crash, but it was too late. The vehicles collided with the Tesla going 93 mph.

CCTV Tape Video

Elon Musk

You can’t blame the automaker when customers are using their products unsafely.

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