2019 Buick Regal Active-Hood Pedestrian Safety System

Buick’s latest rebranded European import is not a car or SUV, but rather a new safety system meant to protect pedestrians in case of an accident.

It’s called the Active-Hood system and it will make its debut in the U.S. this fall with the all-new Regal Sportback and TourX.

Using a set of sensors hidden behind the Regal’s grille, the system detects pedestrians walking in front of the car. If the Regal makes contact with the person while traveling between 16 and 30 mph, a pair of actuators positioned a few inches ahead of the windshield lifts the back of the hood up about four inches to help mitigate the impact.

The 2018 Regal TourX offers new levels of crash prevention and protection. Along with the Regal Sportback, it is the first Buick to offer a standard active hood pedestrian safety system that senses the imminent impact of a pedestrian between 16-30 mph and uses a pyrotechnic actuator to lift the back of the hood up about 4 inches to lessen the impact and potentially reduce injury.

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