2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Emergency Response Guide

Ford F-150 Lightning

Like anything else, supply and demand. The F-150 Lightning EV Truck is hard to find at a dealer, but that doesn’t mean you will not see these vehicles on the road. Even in the Motor City, I’ve seen a limited number of them on the roads. However, the change I’ve noticed is from “M” plate vehicles (Manufacturer plated vehicles) to individually owned vehicles. Below are several screenshots from the Ford F-150 Lightning Emergency Response Guide.

Vehicle Stabilization

Just like any other EV, the manufacturer wants us to utilize the lifting points on the frame for stabilization. We can use other locations on the vehicle, you need to make sure that any cribbing or struts do not contact the battery pack or push, strain, or move it. This is extremely important when using struts on a side-resting vehicle. However, the underside of this truck still leaves plenty of options for strut use.

Battery Pack

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