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Common terms for Different Metals

Common terms for different metals: High-strength steel (HSS) Ultra-high-strength steel (UHSS) Aluminum (ALU) Boron steel (BOR) Hydroformed steel (HYD) Magnesium (MAG) Sandwiched steel (SAS)

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Ford uses of Boron and UHSS

Ford 2009 + Flex – Uses lightweight aluminum-coated boron in the body structure. Ultra high-strength boron steel in the B-pillar. 2009 + Focus – Uses high-strength steel for both the body structure and exterior body panels. 2009 + F150 – ...

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List of Boron by Automaker

Make sure you look at the List of Vehicles with Boron and UHSS broken down by vehicle division brand news like Chevrolet and Honda. This is the most up-to-date list as of 11/4/2009. General Motors Ford Chrysler Daimler AG BMW ...

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