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Where’s the Boron, hot stamped, and UHSS?

Where's the Boron, hot stamped, and UHSS? On BoronExtrication.com of course! Advanced Extrication posted a list of vehicles that have boron and we put our own twist on it below and linked the models to pages that show the body structure of each vehicle.

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Quick Tip: Removing Laminated Glass in Vehicle Doors

Here is a quick tip from the Merecedes Benz Rescue Guide about removing laminated side glass in vehicle doors. A saw is what first comes to mind to remove laminated glass, and that works well in this case. So pick your hand tool, grab a Extrication Tomahawk or GlasMaster and knock a hole in the

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Mercedes Benz B-Class F Cell

Here is a quick look at the Mercedes Benz B-Class F Cell vehicle. Most likely to be found in limited numbers in green states like California. The vehicle consists of a 80-kilowatt fuel cell, 1.4-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, and three ...

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