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2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Body Structure (AU)


The 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe uses ultra high-strength tensile steel to improve collision energy management and to improve chassis rigidity. Hot-stamping and roll-forming techniques strength to critical body parts, while other advanced engineering methods have improved crashworthiness and durability.   ...

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FDIC Opening Ceremonies


“Loyalty and service are not things of the past for the fire service!” Bobby Halton, Fire Engineering editor in chief FDIC education director, passionately told the attendees at the Opening Ceremonies Wednesday morning. “Loyalty ranks high, and selfless service is ...

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FDIC HOT Extrication Setup

FDIC 2014 HOT Classes

Tomorrow is the first of two days of HOT Vehicle Extrication classes at FDIC.  This weekend we set up at Zore’s Inc in Indy. Tonight was also the HOT Instructors meeting where I got to see a legend in the ...

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World Extrication Peak Bodies


Below are the Rescue Organisations around the world.  Their websites are loaded with useful information. United Kingdom Rescue Organisation North American Vehicle Rescue Association Transportation Emergency Rescue Committee (TERC Canada) Transportation Emergency Rescue Committee (TERC USA) Transportation Emergency Rescue Committee ...

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2015 Ford Transit Body Structure


The 2015 Ford Transit is built with unibody construction. The Transit unibody is lightweight and also highly durable, engineered with high-strength and boron steel. Something to keep in mind is the seating capacity. The Transit “Wagon” seat 8  to 15-passenger ...

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