Is there is an app for that?  If you are looking for an extrication app the answer is yes!  You can download Hybrid Auto Extrication Guide for free or subscribe to the flagship extrication app, iCRS for the cool price of $499.99.  However, don’t let price tag for iCRS scare you.  Moditech, the makers of iCRS, Just released an iPhone app for just $14.99 with an Android version in the works.  Did I miss one?  Let me know and I’ll add it!

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Extraction Zones
  • Extraction Zones LLC was founded by Adam Weiss, a Firefighter in Las Vegas, NV. and his partner Michael Forte, an Entrepreneur located in Austin, TX.The extrication tools used by first responders are extremely powerful and essential to saving the lives of car collision victims. The situations that these men and women find themselves in is next to impossible for an average person to comprehendThe Extraction Zones app provides location information for airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, electric and propulsion systems, as well as structural reinforcements for many of the most popular cars on the road as well as most hybrid vehicles. Users can view this information all at once or only view pertinent information by hiding components as needed. Extraction Zones also provides an alternative night mode for darker surroundings.
Hybrid Auto Extrication Guide
  • Field Applications, LLC, is a group effort. Their products are designed by firefighters and paramedics, graphic designers and software engineers. Cal Blake is the founder. He has worked as a first responder in California since 2006.
iCRS Standard USA
  • Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V. designed the Crash Recovery System (CRS) 10 years ago to solve this controversy between safety and accessibility. Now the CRS made its way to the iOS platform. With the iCRS app, rescue relevant technical vehicle information in regards to restraint systems, reinforcements, propulsion systems are available at your fingertipsSpecially developed for emergency responders, iCRS provides an invaluable source of information. After selection of the right model from the comprehensive database, iCRS shows an interactive top and side view of the vehicle, indicating the exact location of rescue relevant equipment in various color schemes. Additional information can be displayed to indicate how to safely disable these systems during rescue operations.
  • Know whatʼs inside! iCRS enables emergency resonders to:
    1. Access a comprehensive database including all airbag equipped passenger cars available in North-America.
    2.  Latest technology included (hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles, new airbag technologies and advanced steel reinforcements).
    3. Quick and easy access to all rescue relevant vehicle information.
    4. Access deactivation information to disable the propulsion and restraint systems within seconds.
    5. Base extrication plans on the actual vehicle equipment to save valuable time.
    6. Database updates available every other week.
West Virginia University Research Corporation/NAFTC


  • This first responder quick reference guide, developed by the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC), is a tool for emergency personnel who need to access information about alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles at an accident scene. This app contains information on advanced technology vehicles such as hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery, and fuel cell electric vehicles, as well as vehicles powered by alternative fuels such as biodiesel, ethanol, natural gas, propane, and hydrogen. You will find detailed, vehicle-specific information including identification mechanisms, disconnect procedures, and other special concerns. Although similar, each vehicle has distinct differences that make it unique, and first responders need to know and understand these differences. The NAFTC understands the hazards that alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles could pose to emergency personnel, and this app, along with our entire suite of First Responder Safety Training products, provides first responders with the information needed to safely respond to an accident involving one of these vehicles. This app can be used on both the iPhone and the iPad.
Opel Rescue Cards
  • Opel is placing the information for some 60 models from 1991 to present on a mobile portal that can be used on any smartphone which has access to the Internet. This free mobile service is available in 10 European languages[1] and enables rescue crews to access important information instantly. An eleventh language, Turkish, will follow shortly.

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  1. i’ve just change my phone (android) an i cannot reload the app to replace it, i get a message that says that there something worng with the server..