About Me

So who is behind BoronExtrication.com?

Mike Smith, yes my parents picked a very unique name.  My station nickname if you guessed it is Smitty. I am a Paid on Call Firefighter/EMT for the Wixom Fire Department outside of the Detroit area.   As for the job that pays the bills. I work in the Automotive industry designing seat structures, adjusters, and plastic trim. Just in case you are wondering, an adjuster is the part of a car seat that makes it move up and down.  However, I have worked on almost every part of a vehicle over my 20 year career and get to see the body structures on CAD which gives me a little extra insight.

Just remember, everything on this site is my personal opinion and is not endorsed by or have anything to do with my department.  So consider this blog my own opinion, thoughts, statements, comments, etc and in no way, shape, or form have anything to with my department.  This site is meant as an informational site for firefighters by a firefighter.

Please feel free contact me! I am truly humbled with all the responses (Worldwide) and would like to stay in contact. You can contact via email at [email protected] or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ffsmitty.  Don’t forget to follow the BoronExtrication.com fan page on Facebook!


  1. Smitty:

    Hey man, Just want to congratulate you on what you are doing here – helping others in your field save lives and understand how to get people out of today’s high strength frames in an emergency.

    In my line of work I’ve found a different but beneficial use for this site. I’m a Rust Proofer – and it’s mine and my families job to ensure our clients cars receive thorough treatments especially to the structural components of the car to ensure the safety and integrity of the vehicle is maintained. Your site helps us get into these areas without causing damage in the process because we drill access points to get the chemical into the frames.

    Keep up the awesome work

  2. Hi, why “Boron Extrication” are those steels more difficult to cut through?

  3. Can you give us your top 10 list of safest SUVs based on boron utilization ?

  4. Under what circumstances can you flip a vehicle over to extricate an accident victim?

    • Joeyzups, a controlled roll-over is just one of the many techniques in our arsenal for successful extrication.

      It involves the use of two winches or tirfors operating from opposite sides of the vehicles (One pulling, the other letting out). Whilst it is not done often, it can be done effectively and safely as an option of needed.

      A fantastic working relationship and cross training with your EMS is vital though as it poses many challenges and really is outside of what we would consider “normal” extrication techniques.