2009 Jaguar XF has Boron

Just before Ford sold off Jaguar, the XF was redesigned with the latest generation steels. The upper body uses almost every type of advanced steel – including high carbon steels, dual-phase, hot-formed boron steels, and bake-hardened steels – which form safety ‘ring’ around the occupant compartment. Something that should catch a firefighter or rescuerseye is the A and B-pillars are impressively slim. The lower sills use dual-phase DP600 steel, which is a first for Jaguar in that area of the vehicle.

Jaguar Body Structure Vehicle Extrication

2011 Jaguar XF Body Structure Boron Safety Cage Extrication

The breakdown of the steel used in the Jaguar XF is; 76-percent mild-strength steels, 15-percent high-strength, and 10-percent super-high-strength. The A-pillar is made with boron-reinforcement. The boron steel in the A-pillars is how Jaguar was able to make the profile thin. Just an FYI if you see one of these on fire, the vehicle is packed with magnesium so make sure you have your full PPE on!

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