2007+ Jeep Compass

The higher weight-to-strength ratio of high-strength steel allowed us to develop a body-in-white safety cage that meets more aggressive front-, side- and rear-impact requirements, but without the added weight of regular steel,” Liddane added. “Hot-stamped steel used on the A- and B-pillar and roof-rail reinforcements reduce Compass’ overall weight by 20 kg.” The Jeep Compass uses a tailor-rolled, hot-stamped steel B-pillar. Its two-piece B-pillar construction features a lower section made from mild-strength steel to maximize energy absorption, which is combined with a tailor-rolled, ultra-high-strength upper portion for enhanced occupant protection. For rear-occupant side-impact protection, Jeep Compass also features a hot-stamped steel cross-car beam that is bolted to the body structure underneath the rear seat. During a side-impact event, the beam works together with the integrated foam in the rear doors to transfer impact energy from one side of the vehicle to the other. The beam is designed to take up to 60 percent of the load during a side-impact event. Steel beams within the front and rear doors provide additional side-impact occupant protection.

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