2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid UHSS

I found some information about the use of UHSS in the 3rd generation of the Toyota Prius Hybrid. The 3rd generation Prius is a 2010 model year vehicle.

The third generation 2010 Prius continues to showcase true innovation by reducing body weight while maintaining strength and stability. Expanding the use of High-Strength Steel (HSS) and Ultra High-Strength Steel (UHSS), the Prius achieves an incredible balance between weight and resistance. Weight is reduced by using aluminum in the hood, rear hatch, front suspension axle and brake caliper along with UHSS in the rocker inner, center pillar and roof reinforcement. Strength and stability are enhanced with the use of UHSS (with a remarkable 980 Megapascal [MPa] strength rating for occupant cabin reinforcement) in nearly 80% of the rocker panel reinforcement. In order to repair a Prius to its preloss condition, it’s vital for technicians to understand the properties of UHSS and aluminum and when the different types of steel should be repaired or replaced.

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