2010 Ford Taurus Laminated Side Glass

A department near my city ran on a MVA that had a 2010 Ford Taurus involved.  The driver needed to be extricated.  The surprise was not that this is a vehicle loaded with UHSS and Boron.  The surprise was that the side windows were shattered, but still in place.  After a little research, I found out that the side windows are made from laminated side glass to reduce noise. 

Here is a little history on the use of laminated side glass.  “American automakers began using laminated glass for windshields in the late 1920s and soon afterward switched to laminated glass on all windows,” noted nationally recognized auto defects attorney, John Bisnar. “But the 1950s and 60s, the auto industry began using tempered glass in the non-windshield windows to save money. Some late-model luxury cars, certain pickup trucks, SUVs and vans have laminated-glass side, roof and rear windows, but most vehicles still lack this added level of protection, limiting the use of laminated glass to windshields.”

Ford uses Laminated Side Glass on their more expense models.  Laminated Side Glass is an option on Crown Victoria Commercial Taxis. I will make a post with common vehicles that use Laminated Side Glass.

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