2011 Ford Explorer Boron and Airbags

2011 Ford Explorer

This is the first shot at providing body structure information on the new 2011 Ford Explorer.  Since Ford just released the images a few days ago it will take sometime for all the information to filter out that we need to know.  So keep checking back!

Boron in the Body Structure

The new Explorer combines – all at once – our best technologies to not only help prevent a crash, but to help prevent injuries to occupants when a crash is unavoidable,” said Erika Low, Ford safety supervisor. “The use of high-strength steels such as boron in the Explorer body structure also offers a greater level of protection, while meeting the most stringent roof crush standards.”

Rear Seat Belt Airbag

The 2011 Ford Explorer has a feature that first responders need to consider, inflatable rear seat belts.  Two important things to consider; cutting the seat belt and where is the airbag inflator module located?  Each belt’s tubular air bag inflates with cold compressed gas, which flows through a specially designed buckle from a cylinder housed below the seat.

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  1. Ford always give higher priority to customer safety.. I’m pleased with Explorer performance, 25 percent improvement in fuel economy isn’t joke.. Keep up the good work.

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