Thanks for a Great 2010!!!!

What a great year 2010 was! For the first time in a long time the automotive industry started adding jobs here in Detroit! Hopefully, with more people getting back to work the budget cuts in public safety budgets can finally start to slow down, if not end!

As for, I started this blog to help spread around information about the advanced steels used in the body structure of new vehicles. Back in January, I would have never guessed how much traffic to my blog would increase! Also, becoming part of the family was huge honor and a great step to gain a larger readership.

One cool thing about writing this blog is all the contacts and people I get to meet in the Fire Service. First off, in May I went to a trauma synopsis at local community college that Ron Moore from and University or Extrication was presenting at. To my shock, Ron knew who I was when I went up to meet him.

Dave Dalrymple and his crew from RoadwayRescue LLC

Another gentleman I met was Dave Dalrymple and his crew from RoadwayRescue LLC at a DVD filming for Fire Engineering in Dearborn, Michigan. Extrication is not limited to the US. From Canada there is Randy Schmitz from the Calgary Fire Department and Alberta Vehicle Extrication Association. The reach of the internet connects me to a friend across the pond in the UK, Jon Curley from Last but not lest is the group of bloggers and support staff. While I have yet to meet any of them face-to-face, they all are a true asset to the Fire Service and I’m looking forward to a great New Year!

Please everyone on-duty tonight or like me, skipping the alcohol just incase there’s a MVA on the freeway (fires or even more rare in Wixom, MI), stay safe out there!!

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