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One of the coolest things about the Internet is how it crosses all borders and languages.  With a quick click of a icon, you can translate a site into almost any language. I was emailed a link to an extrication blog in Germany early this morning by Jörg Heck from Moditech Rescue Solutions.  Moditech developed the Crash Recovery System (CRS) for emergency responders.  Crash Recovery System is a revolutionary tool that I’ll cover in the next day or two.  Anyway, back to the  blog from Germany. I was able to take a look around it this evening and it is worth adding it to your bookmark list!  The blog is called Technical Assistance by  enthusiastic firefighter named Patrick Allinger.  Patrick’s view on learning and educating people is what I think and the main reason I started this blog.  Here’s a little info about Patrick.

With this site I now try to pass on my past experience and my knowledge built up in various seminars to other interested colleagues, but also even to learn new things and learn.

If I’m just not go on the Internet or spend my free time at the fire department, I put in the middle of my studies in industrial engineering from the Cooperative State University Stuttgart, which I’m doing with my business partner Weber hydraulics.

Give Patrick’s blog a look and let me know what you think.

 Technical Assistance Blog Patrick Allinger


Patrick understands what the fire service is all about, sharing knowledge.  Captain Liam J Flaherty of FDNY’s Rescue 2 said it best in the film “Brotherhood”.  I may not have his quote totally correct, but he said something like the job of senior firefighters are to pass down their knowledge to younger, newer firefighters.  He then follows it up with “if their not, their not doing their job”.   In Patrick’s case, you have a young firefighter passing on his knowledge while keeping his mind open to learn more.  My chief always says, the day you walk into the firehouse thinking you know it all is the day you should quit.

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